human brain and heart with arms and legs take a self portrait with her smart phone, 3d illustration

 The Art of Self Love

It’s high time you get started telling your brain that you want self Love in your life  and that you want it the easy way not the HARD way?

There are so many ways to love yourself and seeing everything that happens to you as an opportunity to have a loving experience is the easy way to love…love of you.

The hard way to love your self is when things seem to be going against you that you keep telling your self all the things you are doing wrong to make the events, people and things keep showing up in your life

Lets take a different perspective here. When things seem to be going against you they are only happening to show you blocks to your power.

If you were to make a list of loving things you could do today, this week, or all year, I bet you could come up with many things. But then the resistance comes in or the hard way to make your list come true. You start to focus on all the ways you are not doing the things on the list. This is a great setup for a battleground where you use all your energy to making yourself wrong. Does this sound familiar? It sure does to me.

I find myself in this way of thinking all the time. The difference today is now that I apply what I know about the Law of Attraction, I can catch myself thinking about things that don’t help me feel good and shift my thinking. Sometimes I just say “shut up Sandra” is that what you really want? And the answer to myself is always. No that isn’t what I want. Then I shift my thinking to finding more positive thoughts about the subject that took me down in the first place.

Hard Way versus Easy Way, Red and white street signs with words Hard Way and Easy Way isolated on white

Four easy ways to love yourself more

  1. Accept yourself right now with flaws and dents in your personality
  2. This means who you are at this moment.
  3. It means living in present time.
  4. No regrets

Four ways that make loving yourself hard

  1. Thinking how you could have handled a situation in a higher way
  2. Continually imagining you could have done better
  3. Looking into the future to make who you are right now inadequate.
  4. Comparing others progress as better than yours.

Looking into your imagined future can serve you if you see that in picturing it you are creating a vision of the next step. The energy should feel good and exciting but if you are feeling different you might be creating from a weaker position. If when you think of the future, you saw yourself as someone who has not achieved the vision yet you will be making yourself wrong.

To sum it all up in a nutshell, it is important to love whom you are now without reservation. Know that you are like a crystal with many facets. Your way is unique and if you would appreciate your uniqueness and see your path as different that any one else’s it would be easier to not compare and love yourself unconditionally.