Hand with marker writing: Success

One Failure I overcame

I found myself living John Clarke quote “Go back a little to leap further.”

This blog post tells my story about what happened to me.

The failure I overcame started with a trip to California 15 years ago. As our van rolled down my driveway I was not feeling excited in fact I was very tired and in a state have overwhelm. I had been preparing for the trip for the past few months Working long hours getting my Sandra’s Fine Art Apparel line in shape. Now Tom, my husband, and I were on the road with a van full of clothes and booth set up to do a month of shows in California.

After our last show we were headed for a break to Sedona. The travel brochure I had in my hand said Sedona is located in the state of Arizona, USA, is known for its red rock landscape and is believed to have an energy field that resonates with all of those who come in contact. People travel from around the world to experience these swirling centers of energy that are conducive to spiritual healing, meditation and self-exploration. I closed the brochure as I read the last sentence, for many people, arriving in Sedona is just the beginning of their journey. That is just what I want I thought, a new journey this old one sucks.

As the first red rock came into our view Tom started speaking strangely, he asked me what I would do with my life if I could start all over again with my career? Would you still paint on clothes?

Now you must understand I had been waiting to have a deep conversations with tom our whole married life and now he was asking me something that I could really get into. So I took the ball and ran with it.

No, I said I would not paint on clothes or do shows, or have employees. I want a change!! Tom then asked what would you do then? I answered I would paint on canvas not clothes, and be open to what the universe has for me. And I would get paid well for the way I show up in the world.

The next words that came out of Tom’s mouth were life changing “Honey, you can do just that!!

Yesterday I got a call from your worker, Julie and she was crying hysterically that your studio burned down. You are free of your business. No employees, no clothes,

And this is when the magic settled in, my life’s path had been dramatically altered instantly but I did not feel anything but relief and excitement about my new future.

You might find yourself in a position of facing a blow like losing a business and wonder how you are going to over overcome the feeling of loss and failure.

Six steps to how to start over again

Step one: Be willing to reach deep within yourself

Step two: know that you can and will start again

Step three: Acknowledge your feelings of disappointment and accept what has happened

Step four: adopt the attitude of realistic optimism and form a new plan

Step five: You have gone through rights of passage claim your new strength

Step six: Walk into your new future knowing you are wiser and stronger.

To sum it all up, failure is a wake up call to make a change and step up to a new game plan. Remember to practice a reframe of your failure because you will only get the new positive results if you began to see your failure as a stepping-stone to something better. Give up going over the failure in your head or constantly telling others about your tragedy. The more you focus on your failure the more you will amplify your negative feelings and the new plan waiting for you can’t get through if you are spending your time ruminating about past mistakes. Stay in the present and stop worrying about what happened in the past and start asking yourself, what can I do differently today?


I am now a professional artist, art teacher, and Law of Attraction Trainer, and life coach living a life of energy and fun with my husband tom. We do still take trips but in a RV now where we enjoy the adventure of this beautiful country.