conqueror, golden figurine of a young man riding a lion

Unleash the FEARLESS LION within

Are you someone whose power unleashed scares you?

Have you let your power out only to get destructive results?

Find out how to find out how standing in your true power can catapult you to a position of balance, clarity, and unstoppable success in this blog post called “Unleash the Fearless Lion within”.


I was feeling excited when I read this topic title but then after thinking about how I would approach writing about the title I felt confused.

In the past when I unleashed my power I felt negative results. Things around me would fall apart and I would usually end of feeling exhausted and awful. My husband who seemed to know he should get out of my way when I was about to pounce said he could tell when to leave the room because my nostrils would flare when I am ready to launch into an injustice. Interesting I thought that is just like a Lion nostrils that also flare, am I like the Lion, the king of the jungle.

Once while chatting with a Native American healer medicine man that conducted the annual sun dance on my friends land, he mentioned that I was of the big cat family and to watch out for me. The big cat people are very powerful. The medicine man said look at her hair, she has a mane of hair like a lion and her walk is one of a big cat. Then I remembered I also have an important planet somewhere that is in Leo. This is enough association of memory thoughts to qualify me as one who can feel the fearless lion within. But I am still feeling confused.

When I explore the subject of fear and fearlessness I remembered that every subject is really two subjects the wanted and unwanted or put another way two ends of the stick of polarity. When I look at fear at one end of a stick and fearless on the other the light bulb moment of clarity went on in my brain. My position of power is in the center the fulcrum point between the two opposites.

The fulcrum point uses both of the polarities of fear and fearless. There are times when fear serves your highest good. And there are times when fearless serves your highest good. The big question now is when do you use both fear and fearlessness while you are standing in the fulcrum point of your life?

5 ways Fear serves you

  1. avoiding danger
  2. different point of view is needed
  3. Fear is usually about a future event, you can change your perspective for a more positive result
  4. Fear is your guidance system saying realign with the highest part of you that knows no fear
  5. Think of your fear as a call to action


5 ways Fearless serves you


  1. You act on your feeling of fear to jump into inspired action
  2. You forget the odds and do it anyway
  3. You remember you have a part of you that has no fear and you align with it thus becoming fearless
  4. Fear can lift you out of your insecurities so you are able to go forward
  5. Helps you prepare for challenges and hone your instincts

In conclusion

Abundance and power are yours as you truly are the lion.

You can go out into the world knowing

  • how to use both fear and fearlessness to your advantage.
  • You will always bring home the bounty of the universe because you are the Lion, the king of the jungle.
  • The great cat of influence over all the other animals
  • that knows perfects timing, and can take on any challenge successfully.
  • Your sense of intuition and timing is impeccable as you can sense what is around you and know when to make the perfect move.