Top 3 business tools that will help your business


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Collaboration, Cooperation, Certifications



Are you someone who is looking for the perfect tool to make your business successful? But no matter how hard you try nothing seems to work. You are getting the same old, same old every day. Read this blog post to get a new fresh look at business tools and tips.

Today’s blog post topic is three business tips.

My point of view on this topic is taken from my research, and personal experience

I am calling the top 3 tools the 3’C’s

Collaboration, cooperation, and certifications

Collaboration is #1 why because when you are in collaboration you have multiplied your spear of influence. You are now with others who have already opened up a path, which could solve your business struggles. Listen to that you don’t have to struggle. You only have to learn from those who have overcome their struggles

What you will achieve with collaboration

  • Expansion of your spear of influence.
  • A bigger circle to draw your solutions around business struggles.
  • You will be on a path of lease resistance
  • You will find inspiration
  • You will see the bigger picture

What you will achieve with Cooperation (mastermind)

  • You will be with others that share a common goal
  • You will find that others also want to impact the world in a positive manner.
  • You will be “sparked” by others energy and you will also spark others
  • You will get honest and authentic feedback.
  • Accountability and productivity will improve
  • Clarity will happen as your intentions are heard by others in a safe environment
  • Motivation will kick in
  • Having a support group will help you get through those times of uncertainty

What you will achieve through certifications

  • Proof to yourself and others that you have taken your passion into a educational and competence approval program
  • You will be authentic about the areas of interest you are talking about
  • You will get a foundation to build upon.
  • Show your value through certifications
  • Show initiative when certifying is not required
  • Separates you from your peers
  • Gives you personal satisfaction that you’ve mastered new material

To recap the three c’s are Collaboration, Cooperation, and Certification.

You can apply this information to your business to inspire you to add new ideas and tools to your business..

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