Businesswoman standing on the edge of rock mountain with an idea bulb on the other side
Businesswoman standing on the edge of rock mountain with an idea bulb on the other side

How To Survive While Waiting

Have you given up hope on getting something you have wanted for a long time? Like finding your ideal job or your ideal partner. You may be feeling it is hopeless but read this blog and find out another reason why you are not getting what you desire.

What you are probably experiencing is “The Gap”. And I have a solution on how you can bridge the gap.

There is even a gap theory when it comes to creationism. This theory posits that it took six days to create the world according to the Book of Genesis. Granted there are different theories and scientific observations but it still remains there was a gap between what was wanted and its manifestation.

In the law of attraction world the gap is often called the allowing period. That means you set it forward in your most dominate thought and then you allow it to come to you.

The allowing part is the gap. Like in creationism explained in the bible it took some time for all the resources needed to come forth. There for it is important to know how to allow or bridge the gap between what you want and when it comes.

I have a true story around the issue of bridging the gap. Newly divorced in my 30’s I went to a psychic and asked if I would ever get married again. She told me yes you would meet a man who likes to work with his hands. For 10 years I looked for that man to come into my life. Then in my 40’s I decided to build a house and the man who finished that house is now my husband. Why the 10-year gap will let me explain. My husband, Tom, is 10 years younger than me so he would have been 20 when I was 30. He was still in school getting his engineering degree and living in Long Beach, California. Many events had to occur before we could meet.

Tools for bridging your gap

  • Trust what you want and desire has already started moving toward you
  • Keep your vibration high anyway you can because it will come faster that way.
  • Pay attention to what your thoughts, and actions are focused upon.
  • Watch what results you are currently experiencing and if they are not what makes you feel alive change them to ones that do make you feel alive.
  • High vibing and high attracting thoughts are ones of joy, love, freedom, and knowledge.

In summary how fast something you desire comes into your reality is determined by how much you resist the idea of getting your desire, and how long it takes for the resources you need to do, have, or become the perfect attracter to that desire. Some desires will be instantly and others may take ten years.

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