My Story: 
Sandra Longmore is an artist, teacher, art director, and entrepreneur with vast life experience. Her educational background is extensive and includes numerous honors and degrees in art, psychology, business, technology, and spirituality.
Sandra is an award winning, acclaimed artist who has gained recognition in many books and articles for her creativity and high ethical work standards.
Sandra lives, laughs, and loves “out of the box”. As a dedicated coach and creative thinker, Sandra brings enthusiasm, energy, and expectancy to her clients, inspiring them to live the best life. Sandra is committed to sharing her vitality with others, guiding them towards remarkable personal evolution.
Sandra lives a spirited life in the Northwest responding to the constant call of the beauty of the world. She is surrounded by the miracles of nature that serve as inspiration for her art. Sandra has the ability to capture the essence of the beauty around her in all forms and translate it into wonderful creative art owning one of her paintings gives the new owner to discover creativity and beauty within themselves.
“Hitch your wagon to a star” is Sandra Longmore’s motto.

With kindness, compassion, and the power of her intuition, Sandra supports the arts in many forms
My personal story:
Having fun living life and still writing story every day!